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Giantess Cartoon

Roy Nixon giantessI like this. It’s an old newspaper or magazine illustration by Roy Nixon, a British cartoonist who’s apparently been active for about 50 years! Even though it’s just a simple line drawing, it captures a sense of wonder, I think, at the grandeur of a tall woman.

Nixon keeps a blog here. He publishes a lot of his cartoons there; some of them seem a little dated but they’re very charming.

1 comment to Giantess Cartoon

  • Lem

    I always like cartoony stuff like this.

    There are quite a lot of cartoons like this, but editors and general readers overlook the sexual overtones because the cartoons are “not serious.”

    I remember going wild for giantess cartoons in Mad Magazine. One by Sergio Aragon├ęs, showed a terrified Jack running away from the foot of the beanstalk as a a shapely giantess in high heels, stockings, and garters descended it. It was one of the cartoons he would hide in the margins of the magazine.

    By the way, what was the caption?

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