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Kagi13′s Giant Girls

Girl outgrows boyGoodness gracious! The art of Kagi13 is deliciously stimulating!

In most of his works, a young man discovers that an important female peer in his life has, unnoticed until now, grown taller and stronger than he. His dominant position stripped from him, he now finds himself to be a puny weakling compared to the strapping amazon girl he formerly looked down upon!

All of his drawings are marvelous, and so beautifully rendered! Curvaceous amazon girls peer down with contempt and delight at their former superiors, and the feelings of both subjects are so clearly demonstrated in Kagi13′s fine line work. Check out his Photobucket gallery by clicking on the image at left.

3 comments to Kagi13′s Giant Girls

  • [...] are smug and condescending in their newfound positions of unassailable superiority. To quote from Giantess Tessa:In most of his works, a young man discovers that an important female peer in his life has, [...]

  • wow i must say Kagi13 work is great, I kind of fell like doing some pics of that stile as soon as I can.

    Love how the girl become taller and stronger than the boy and enjoy it ^^

    btw where may I find more of this artist?

  • Hey – Kagi13 disappeared for several years and at the time of his vanishing asked everyone, including me over at, to remove his work from the internet. He was concerned that his real-life friends would find and recognize his style, and thus discover his fetish. Kagi13 re-emerged earlier this year and started posting new stuff, but even he didn’t have copies of his older work and most of what you see online was sent to him by fans when he made requests on forums.

    So if you want to see more, I recommend asking him if he’s interested in commission money.

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