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Giantess growth and size transfer

One of the story genres I like is the transfer type. In my fantasies, not only do I grow taller into a giantess, but the growth is often at the expense of a partner, male or sometimes female. It’s doubly satisfying to me, because not only do I become gigantic and dominant, but the other person in the fantasy actual loses much of their power and physical presence.

It’s such a turn on to imagine myself becoming huge and powerful while a male lover dwindles away, until he’s smaller and weaker than most women. He thinks he’s in charge, but then it turns out I’m in charge. And then he realizes that he’ll probably never be in charge again!

What do you think?

5 comments to Giantess growth and size transfer

  • nick

    do you follow The Process? earlier this year someone wrote a pretty great story involving a remote control that would cause whoever was holding it to grow, and whoever it was being aimed at to shrink. and, as an added side effect, the one that would grow would become incredibly aroused…

  • I do visit the Process site pretty often, but I didn’t see that one. Do you know the name?

  • nick

    This took me forever to find!!! I forgot the name and author, so I had to read the first part of like two dozen stories before I found the right one. It’s called “An Expanded Hypothesis” by pseudoclever. I read it several months ago, and I seem to remember it a little different than how it actually played out. I only skimmed the story just now, and it looks like the guy stays the same size. It’s the female roommate that shrinks, along with various appliances and furniture. BUT it’s still a grow/shrink situation so you might still get something out of it AND I did only skim, so maybe he does shrink. It’s still a good read either way!

    I do know that the comic “Skyscraper Suzy” in the Process-Productions store has a grow/shrink plot, and the artist on that one is really talented :D

  • Lem

    Below is a link to a great piece by Lingster called simply “Size Transfer.”

    It’s about a big guy who begins to dwindle in size after he hooks up with a tiny woman. One year later, when he’s as small as the woman he slept with, he passes an a woman as enormous as he used to be, but with the tiny woman’s face.

  • Cool! I don’t think I’ve seen that one before.

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