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Stomping & Crush

In my last post, Lem wrote, “I generally don’t like crush themes, because I don’t like gore, but I like the cartooning in this one.” And it got me thinking because I don’t usually care for giantess crush material, either.

I like the idea of dominance. I like the idea of a man losing dominance and me (or another woman) gaining it. I like the idea of anybody who’s abused their dominance being stripped of it. For me all of these themes revolve around the central idea of size, usually height but sometimes the development of sexual anatomy or muscularity. There’s something thrilling about a big, tall, muscular, arrogant stud of a man shrinking in height, strength and penis development until he’s just plain scrawny and runty. The idea of him losing all his power, so that any ordinary girl can twist his arm behind his back and make him cry, is electric to me. It makes me breathe heavily just to think about it. Likewise, I adore the notion of the nerdy, plain, flat-chested girl who’s picked last in gym class growing into a tall, athletic, big-breasted amazon capable of physically dominating the men in her life; making them not so much sexual playthings as sexual subjects.

Giantess crush, though, seems like overkill. It’s not even a contest. Humiliation and dominance are out the window because when the size disparity is so great, the tiny people aren’t even people. They’re de-personalized.

3 comments to Stomping & Crush

  • BattlePuppet

    Exactly my thoughts. I like the physical side and how it leads to a position of sudden dominance for Her and shock for him, but size differences can give way from an unfamiliar situation to a familiar one.

    Meaning his arrogance, pride, and ego could remain intact while She reverts to Her previous submissive nature.

    I like the process of exploring Her new situation, gaining Her confidence, building it to match Her new size. Meanwhile, breaking down a man’s ego until he’s not just a little lump for Her entertainment, but psychologically dominated by Her, as well.

  • BattlePuppet

    Not sure if I’m turned on so much by the idea of an abusive guy having the tables turned on him, though, unless he really is going to be left in a state of punishment.

    I like the idea of Her simply picking out a guy who catches Her interest and making him one of Her subjects, regardless of whether he has a career, family, or anything. His life before doesn’t matter, anymore. He is now Her’s because She wants it that way.

  • Lem

    I also love fantasies where the woman turns the tables on the man, including size transfer fantasies.

    That being said, I’ve nothing against anyone who’s into crush, stomp, vore, etc. I’m way to weird to judge other people’s turn-ons.

    I only draw the line at the viewing or participating in the actual harm of animals.

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