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Women Just Keep Getting Bigger!

I read this article at the Sydney Morning Herald and cackled uproariously! We women are getting bigger and bigger all the time! First our breasts starting growing a little, and then a lot. Now we’re getting taller, noticeably just within the last decade or so. No one seems to know why!

Many women may have long suspected it, just as many men have secretly hoped for it. But it’s official: women’s breasts, and particularly those of younger women, are getting bigger. While implants have been putting that little extra va-va-voom into some busts, mostly it’s a phenomenon that has occurred naturally in women, and exponentially so over the past 50 years. In fact, their cup size has tripled.

In 1960, the average bra size in Australia was 10B. Ten years ago, it was 12B. Today, it’s 14C. “It’s six to seven sizes up in a comparatively few number of years,” says Sally Berkeley, the general manager of bra company Berlei, which next month launches a new super-sized range of cups, up to an H, to add to the traditional A-to-E dimensions. Rival Eveden now has a K cup, while Triumph is up to a G and is trialling a new cup size, J, for the next season.

“Twenty years ago, women couldn’t buy this sort of fashion product with support in these sizes,” says Triumph spokesperson Alana Jones. “But we’ve been getting so many requests from consumers, and we’ve now even got a sports bra coming out in a J cup.

“Our team has undertaken international research and found that British women are also now five centimetres taller and have hips four centimetres larger than they had in the 1950s, while, instead of being size 12, they’re edging towards size 16. We’d expect that to be similar to here.”

But I’ll tell you what, if this keeps up it won’t be long before the average woman is taller than the average man! It could happen any decade now!

6 comments to Women Just Keep Getting Bigger!

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  • nick

    Isn’t this just Evolution 101? Since the 1950′s women’s fashion has been notably more revealing. And, even though we try to deny it, us men are pretty much driven by our penis. So if men have been spending the last 60 years choosing to mate with the women with the larger breasts, the longer legs, the wider hips and other jaw dropping features, then the gene pool for the human race will increasingly contain more genes for said features. In layman’s terms: breed tall things, make tall babies–breed chesty things, make chesty babies… repeat for 60 years and welcome to 2010.

    At any rate, and keeping this trend in mind, I would like to nominate myself for cryogenic freezing only to be woken up when the average height for a female increases from a weak and puny 5’4″ with a B cup to a sturdy and long legged 6’3″ with an eye catching E cup. Of course I will likely still be attracted to the taller-than-average type when I wake, and will find me nice a 7’1″ woman that likes to wear heels :P

    Assuming it’s a linear function at 5cm for 60 years… wake me up in 2345! Hopefully Darwin can throw in an increased libido, and an increased willingness to “take the reins” behind closed doors just for kicks. Too much to ask? I think not.

  • Hi

    Correct me If I am wrong but in the recent year the propostion of people from southern Europe emigrating to Australia increased compared to UK people. So I guess it might be one of the reason. Of course, I have to add that people from Asia increased too,and the girls coming from there are not famous for their big sizes.
    But I think there is something to dig with italian, greece girls etc..
    Good blog by the way

  • I’m pretty sure Southern Europeans are shorter on average than Northern Europeans. At least the descendants of those immigrant groups in the U.S. are. The average Swedish- or Danish-American probably over-tops the average Italian- or Greek-American by at least three inches.

  • Jonny

    Giantessa I Love You Your Are Like My Perfect Girl For Real I Find It Sexy How Tall You Are But What I Like Most Your Not Afraid To Say You Have A Fantasy That I Would Love To Experience I Love This Post Alot I Like The Fact The Girls Are Getting Taller I Like That It Means More Woman And Bigger Breast And Butt Is A Plus. :)

  • sdaeeds

    I hate to crap on hopeful news, but the cup sizes are due to the increased fatness of the general population, and the height is increasing for men and women.

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