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Kagi13′s Giant Girls


Goodness gracious! The art of Kagi13 is deliciously stimulating!

In most of his works, a young man discovers that an important female peer in his life has, unnoticed until now, grown taller and stronger than he. His dominant position stripped from him, he now finds himself to be a puny weakling compared to the strapping . . . → Read More: Kagi13′s Giant Girls

Outgrowing Her Man

A growing giantess and her lover

Let’s take inventory:

She looks to be about eight feet tall
Her breasts must weigh at least 150 pounds each
The ragged remnants of her clothing are clinging to her gigantic body
And as her lover looks up, his head buried in her cleavage, she announces that she intends to grow even larger.

Zowie! Nice work, BritBE! Click the . . . → Read More: Outgrowing Her Man

Giantess in Fallout 3

I love this! An ordinary-sized woman grows into a door-frame topping mini-Giantess in a bumpy sequence from Fallout 3.

[h/t: . . . → Read More: Giantess in Fallout 3